Hensoldt NSV 1000

: NSV 1000

The NSV 1000 combines high optronic performance with compact dimensions and moderate weight. It is suitable for snipers' weapons.
Key elements such as the focussing knob are optimally positioned from an ergonomic standpoint to enable ease of use for both right- and left-handers.
In addition to high-end optics, we also offer the latest military-capable residual light intensifier tubes in Europe as part of our night-vision attachments.

Main features & benefits

  • Adapted to long range shooting
  • Manual gain control – optional remote control
  • Intregrated maintenance management system

The height of the assembly on the weapon can be adjusted, making it possible to use the NSV 1000 on different weapons.

The full Airbus DS Optronics range is available on request.

Magnification 1x
Lens diameter 85 mm
Lens focal length 124.5 mm
Exit pupil diameter 24 mm
Field of view at 100 m 8° / 14 m
Min. distance setting 25 m
Identification range up to 750 m depends on conditions
Interface MIL-STD 1913 (picatinny)
Ext. Dimensions L x W x H 205 x 112 x 98 mm
Weight 1230 g
Service life +/- 50 h
Power supply 1 x AA
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