Armed helicopters with guns in sabord have already amply demonstrated their interest on the theaters of operations: ground support, convoy protection, tamper ... The goal is, for the shooter to be protected in the helicopter, while carrying his actions remotely : STRIKE is the answer to this tactic need!

Various adaptations allow to use STRIKE on different helicopters. Shooting stabilizer allows three possible positions for the arms fixing:

These positions allow you to:

  • Convey minimizing CX (locked)
  • Flying with a shooter at rest but ready to shoot in seconds (active standby)
  • Shoot or remain in the firing position if necessary


Operational Performance:

  • Helicopter vibrations filtered
  • Qualified for 50 caliber
  • Increase in-flight shooting abilities (distance, accuracy ...)
  • Max. speed for accurate shooting: 120 Km/h
  • Usable up to the maximum speed of the helicopter



  • No jobs limitation are stipulated in the addendum to the flight manual of the Gazelle

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