Holster Tanker Kastinger


The modern version of the tanker-style holster, the great American classic used, as the name suggests, by tankers during WWII.

This type of holster, which can be used regardless of position, clothing or equipment, is now used by all US officers to carry their handgun.

This Kastinger-made version, with its quilted cordura case, is designed to restore the semi soft feel of leather, the original material of this holster.
Compatible with a large number of pistols and available for both left and right handers, it is a very practical and versatile product.
Impeccable quality, robustness and unmatched comfort : the usual suspects for the Chamonix-based manufacturer: another hit by Kastinger !

Fits all mid-sized pistols
Gear capacity : 1 pistol + 1 magazine
Available for both left and right handers
NATO-green CORDURA by Dupont de Nemours, IR-coated, 1100 Dctex
Adjustable slings made of nylon polyamide
Buckles by ITW Nexus
Weight : 280 g
French design, European manufacturing
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