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    Tactical Drag Bag / Shooting Mat by Kastinger


    1 product, 2 functions: carrying case and shooting mat!

    French designed, this product is made in UE with high quality standard. Designed to be comfortable, practical and heavy duty.
    Plenty of storage space available in both case AND shooting mat position. May be carried either as a backpack or drag bag case for more versatility.

    This product has been adopted by the Swiss Army, and we understand why!


    Dimensions: 127 x 90 cm opened out, as shooting mat (50″ x 35.5″)
    127 x 30 cm closed, as soft case (50″ x 12″)
    Weight: 7.3 lbs / 3.3 kg
    NATO-green CORDURA by Dupont de Nemours, IR-coated 1100 Dctex
    Slings made of nylon polyamide
    Zips by YKK
    Buckles by ITW Nexus
    Closed cell foam
    French design, European manufacturing

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