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    MSA SUPREME PRO ear muffs

    Damaged hearing can never be repaired. To guarantee you full protection you must wear your hearing protector 100% of the time when you are in a noisy environment.

    About your hearing and how to protect it.

    The MSA Supreme Pro Ear Muff gives police officers, military personnel, and hunter’s optimum hearing protection, along with the ability to hear the surrounding environment. Especially useful for target shooting, the Supreme Pro Ear Muff’s ear cups are shaped to suit both right- and left-handed shooters.

    The Supreme Pro Communication System integrates with ballistic helmets providing unobtrusive communications and hearing protection in areas of loud impulsive sounds, such as areas where weapons may be fired. The system protects your hearing while enabling clear communications. Cup-mounted microphones enhance user situational awareness, allowing the user to hear ambient sounds within the environment while protecting your hearing. Harmful sounds are decreased to a safe level of 82 dB (A) and low-level sounds are amplified.

    Advantages :

    • Active [electronic] protection : a built-in electronic circuit limit noise but let you hold normal conversation with other people. To prevent harmful noise levels, the internal speaker output is limited to 82 dB.
    • Comfortable : Wide and padded headband, adjustable headband pressure, foam filled cushions.
    • Practical : foldable, slim design cups for both right- and left handed shooters.
    • Powerful : two separate, well-shielded microphones for optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction.
    • Robust : Splash-proof, durable materials and design.
    • Compatible with military combat helmets.

    The full MSA range is available on request.


    Headband or neckband version
    Tests according to EN 352-1 (BIA, Germany) (0121)
    SNR = 25 dB, H = 30 dB, M = 22 dB, L = 14 dB
    Easy volume control [2 buttons]
    AUX input for connecting external audio sources with 3.5 mm mono jack plug
    Around 600 hours battery life with two standard AAA batteries
    Low-battery warning
    Weight without batteries : 310 g
    Hygiene kits (regularly replace cushions and inserts)
    Ear cups available in green or black

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