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    Two Kastinger innovations for the armies of tomorrow.

    brass catcher and HT4

    PGM Précision and Kastinger are releasing two innovations designed to solve tomorrow’s problems: a brass catcher for assault rifles, and an anti infrared signature fabric.


    The PGM Précision – kastinger partnership

    A long-standing partner of PGM Précision, Kastinger is a company based in Chamonix that specializes in tactical textiles. As PGM is the exclusive distributor of Kastinger products in France, the two companies work together to develop new solutions to tomorrow’s problems.


    Kastinger brass catcher:

    Shooting witrh kastinger brass catcher on HK416

    Developed in response to the French Army’s need to stop polluting the ground during exercises, this accessory enables soldiers to train with the highest respect for the environment, while saving time and improving safety.

    Designed for infantry training, the use of this accessory does not affect the handling of the weapon and causes no discomfort.

    This accessory is a major time-saver, as it eliminates the need to search and pick up cases that have fallen to the ground. It also improves safety by preventing cases from being thrown at other shooters or picked up by third parties.

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    Kastinger HT4® anti infrared signature fabric:

    vision thermique comparative HT4 sur véhicule et personnel

    HT4® anti infrared signature fabric, manufactured by Kastinger, camouflages the infrared signature of personnel, vehicles and weapons. This device works by absorbing and reflecting NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and FIR infrared radiation.

    Offering excellent temperature management, this fabric retains infrared in cold environments and maintains coolness in hot weather. It therefore provides excellent thermal protection for personnel operating in extreme environmental conditions.

    HT4® fabric has been tested by the DGA (French Directorate General of Armaments), which concluded that “there is a real gain in reducing the infrared signature of protected elements” DGA Twitter.

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