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    In the world of sport shooting, the precision and reliability of equipment are essential. Garmin, a world leader in navigation technologies, has established itself as a leading brand with its chronograph dedicated to shooting, the Xero® C1 Pro. Combining innovation and performance, this chronograph offers amateur and professional shooters an advanced solution for measuring the speed of their projectiles, and so improving the accuracy of their shots.

    Why choose a Garmin Chronograph?

    1. Accuracy and Reliability

    This chronograph is designed to provide extremely accurate measurements of projectile speed and trajectory. Thanks to its high-quality sensor and cutting-edge technology, every shot is measured with impressive accuracy.

    2. Advanced technology

    Garmin incorporates innovative features into this chronograph such as connectivity to the ShotView™ smartphone app that records, sorts and displays projectile data. This allows shooters to analyse each shooting session in depth to adjust their technique.

    3. Ease of use

    This product’s intuitive interface makes it simple and accessible to use, even for beginners. It has a clear screen and intuitive menus, enabling users to quickly master its use.