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    PGM quality


    Design office equipped with last technologies :

    • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    • Structural simulation software…

    All pieces are precisely toleranced to ensure a mount without adjustment and a total interchangeability of the pieces. Some pieces have only 2/100th mm tolerance!

    Design in collaboration with our customers (opinions, advices, special requests…).


    At PGM Précision, we want to offer you Made in France products of irreproachable quality. This is why we work with first class partners to manufacture the parts that make up our weapons.

    Thus, most of the parts that constitute our products are manufactured in our factory, Teissier Technique, located only a few kilometres from PGM.

    The workshop is made up of about fifty numerically controlled machines (turning center, milling center, flat surface grinder, cylindrical grinding machine, wire-cut EDM…) for extremely precise manufacturing of parts.

    A rigorous quality control of the parts during machining and before delivery is done with three-dimensional measuring machines.
    All parts are coated against corrosion.


    Our guns are assembled manually in our workshop by our expert gunsmiths, which allows us to ensure the conformity of the parts as well as the proper functioning of the weapon throughout its manufacture.

    The French gunmaking tradition is legendary and we are proud to be the worthy successors of this world-renowned know-how.

    By choosing PGM, you are choosing a very high quality product whose manufacture combines state of the art methods and craftsmanship unique in the world.


    Before shipping, to ensure the best possible quality, all our guns are :

    – Checked by us (in situ control possible by the buyer’s quality department) with a strict procedure.

    – Tested at the national test bench in Saint-Etienne according to the CIP standard. More information on the test bench:

    – Tested at the shooting range to validate accuracy and proper functioning.

    This rigorous control of our products enables us to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of each of our weapons.


    As a member of the EDEN cluster, PGM Précision benefits from the expertise of the various French actors in the defence industry. This network enables us to maximise our capacity for innovation, while internationalising our activity through a common strategy aimed at offering a complete solution to the defence and security sector.