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    4-mag holster cal. 5.56 by Kastinger


    This holster can be used regardless of clothing or equipment. Its 4 separated pouches allows you to carry up to four 30 rd magazines in 5.56 caliber.

    Key features:

    • Carried with a shoulder strap + belt strap, adjustable
    • Ambidextrous, all functions can be used by left and right handers.
    • Allows to shoot in lying position without discomfort.
    • Folding pouch for empty magazines included, closure with elastic cord.


    Gear capacity : 4 x 30rds magazines
    Compatible with many assault rifles(HK 416, M4, SIG550…)
    Adjustable slings and pouch interior made of nylon polyamide
    NATO-green CORDURA by Dupont de Nemours, IR-coated, 1100 décitex
    Buckles by ITW Nexus
    Weight: 540 g / 1.2 lbs (empty)
    French design, Italian manufacturing