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    416 Kastinger Strap


    The suspension strap offers several advantages:


    During carrying phases, the elastic function dampens the shocks on the neck and relieves the user of the weight of the weapon.


    The sling facilitates the transition between a long weapon and a handgun.


    It allows the passage of the rifle in the back, despite the size of the carried equipment. By pulling the rubber band, the equipment is passed and then the weapon returns to stick to the user.


    Front attachment system with halyard and karabiner, which allows a complete silent rotation.


    Velcro flaps.


    Compatible with all assault rifles
    Comfortable carry: 6/9 kg depending on the user’s morphology
    Adjustable sling made of nylon polyamide, overall lenght approx.: 115 cm up to 190 cm
    Adjustable back strap that fits any buttstock loop and buckle
    Nomex Kevlar halyard that allows attachment to the front of the weapon
    Color: coyote
    Buckles by ITW Nexus
    Weight : 115 g
    Protected by 3 European patents
    French design, Italian manufacturing