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    KASTINGER brass catcher

    The brass catcher specially designed for the infantry


    Practical and ergonomic

    Designed to offer a permanent view of the ejection chamber, the Kastinger brass catcher recovers 100% of the cases and has a 30-shot capacity bag with a zip for emptying.

    This accessory provides optimum management of exercise time by eliminating the need to collect cases, whatever the weather conditions or the texture of the terrain.

    Compact and ergonomic, it is designed to cause no discomfort during handling or dynamic shooting, whether for right- or left-handed shooters. Compatible with the French Army HK416, this brass catcher simply attaches on the side picatinny rail via a clip system.

    Ecological and hygienic

    Developed in response to the French Army’s need to allow soldiers to train in compliance with new environmental and ecological standards, this accessory allows you to stop leaving cases behind, whether after shooting sessions or training with blanks ammunition. Casings contain toxic and polluting components, making them dangerous for both humans and the environment (compliance with the Natura 2000).

    Thanks to its ventilated design, this case recuperator disperses the gases coming out of the weapon during firing so that they are not released onto the user when the brass catcher is opened.

    Increased safety

    Using this accessory also makes training safer. This system eliminates the risk of falling due to casings on the ground during urban combat. It also eliminates the possibility of incidents caused by the projection of casings. Finally, the Kastinger brass catcher, being a perfect solution for the management of shooting waste, prevents any third party from picking up cases left on the ground after training.

    Low position

    The Kastinger brass catcher has a high position, in front of the chamber, to catch the casings, and a low position to access to the chamber.

    This low position allows you to react quickly in case of jams, as well as being able to control your chamber by touch when it’s dark or visibility is limited.

    The transition between the two positions is made quickly and smoothly.

    Robust and reliable

    Manufactured by Kastinger, based in Chamonix, a long-standing partner of PGM, exclusive distributor of the Kastinger brass catcher, this product is made from top-quality materials to provide unfailing strength and reliability. The structure of the case recuperator guarantees resistance to shocks caused by gunfire, and the bag is fireproof to prevent degradation from the heat of the cases.


    Materials : aluminium and fireproof kevlar


    Weight : 392 grams


    Capacity : 30 rounds


    Zip for emptying


    Mounting on side Picatinny rail


    Compatible with the French Army HK416 (other models to be confirmed)


    Patented product FR2207273 – EP231839085