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    HT4® anti infrared signature fabric – Kastinger

    For personnel, vehicles and weapons.


    Become invisible:

    HT4® anti infrared signature fabric, manufactured by Kastinger, camouflages the infrared signature of personnel, vehicles and weapons.

    Combined with fire-retardant fabrics, HT4® technology is effective up to a temperature of 1,000°C, making it possible to hide extremely hot heat sources (example: helicopter turbine). This device works by absorbing and reflecting NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and FIR infrared radiation.

    Reversible camouflage:

    HT4® anti infrared signature fabric can be manufactured with reversible camouflage. This allows you to carry two different camouflages on one item (tarpaulin / poncho etc…). This also makes it possible to apply a daytime treatment on one side and a night-time treatment on the other, to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

    Camouflages available: brown/green, desert, urban/rock, snow.

    Resist to extreme temperatures:

    Offering excellent temperature management, this fabric retains heat in cold environments and maintains coolness in hot weather. It therefore provides excellent thermal protection for personnel operating in extreme environmental conditions.

    Lightweight, breathable and durable:

    The properties of this fabric allow it to cover personnel without causing discomfort. It is breathable, lightweight, strong and offers excellent abrasion resistance.

    HT4® fabric is foldable and compact, making it easy to transport.

    Tested by the DGA, approved for use by the French Air Force:

    HT4® fabric has been tested by the DGA (French Directorate General of Armaments), which concluded that it offers “a real gain in reducing the infrared signature of protected elements”. These experiments were the subject of a TOTEM publication, and on the DGA national Twitter.

    In coordination with the DGA-CF2S test campaign, it was also authorised for use in the survival kit of aircrew by the French Air Force Headquarters.

    Numerous units have conducted tests against a wide range of air-to-ground and ground-to-ground sensors (JIM LR2, Pod Rafale, C3ISTAR, Sophie Ultima, FLIR cameras, Reaper, etc.).

    Revolutionary technology:

    The result of several years of development, experimentation and testing in various units of the French army, HT4® fabric is a concentrate of new technologies that have made it possible to create this unique material with exceptional properties.