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    B2M Combat Firing Simulator

    PGM Précision

    A modern mean of training

    The B2M CFS is compatible with any calibres (7.62 mm coaxial and 12.7 mm up to 105 mm) and any carriers (Armoured Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, battle tanks, etc.)

    Designed by GDI Simulation, The B2M CFS can be used for combat training in real conditions but with no risk and no ammunition consumption.
    The adaptation on the hecate II rifle is the result of a collaboration between GDI Simulation and PGM PRECISION. This system is intended to both technical firing instruction and tactical training for the sharpshooters.
    Fully-owned subsidiary of Airbus Group, GDI SIMULATION has been a European leader in the field of Training & Simulation for Defence & Security activities for 6 decades.

    Main features :

    • Any calibre from 7.62 mm up to 105 mm
    • Any carrier integration (APC, IFV, BT, etc.)
    • Shot-by-shot and burst simulation
    • Attrition processing
    • Dual laser technology (one-way and two-way)
    • Modular and versatile system
    • Ergonomic, unobtrusive et robust
    • Reduced training costs


    Benefits for the sharpshooters training

    The B2M CFS can be used on every existing Hécate 2 rifle.
    With its ergonomic and operational realism, the B2M is tailored for technical instruction.
    This system is also intended to tactical training in combat training centres such as CENTAC, CENZUB and CENZDEAU.

    Main features :

    • Ergonomic and operational realism
    • Ballistic simulation
    • Multiple ammunition
    • Can be used day and night
    • Interoperable with others infantry and vehicle simulators
    • Keep the original weapon unmodified
    • Unobtrusive
    • Used by French Army
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    Weapons compatible with this range