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    Custom Ultima Ratio

    PGM Précision


    Originally intended for snipers in intervention groups, this 308 W calibre weapon was adapted for special forces units with a folding stock and short barrels.

    For nearly 30 years, this weapon has been available in a dozen calibres for sporting and outdoor use.

    We offer a wide range of calibres and barrel profiles for shooting from 100 m to over 1500 m.


    The precision and repeatability of the system ensures the first shot on target.

    With the Ultima Ratio concept, the barrel can be changed simply with a hex key in 30 seconds.

    This allows the user to easily and cost-effectively upgrade their gun configuration. With the same frame, configure your weapon over time according to your practices.

    Comfortable, robust and versatile, this rifle is available with a fixed or folding stock and many options are available:

    -full wood finish (Verney-Carron walnut)

    -ergonomic Karl Nill walnut grips

    -with and without palm rest
    -natural colour / painted in

    -single-shot trough for firing ammunition that is too short or too long for the magazine


    PGM quality:

    PGM’s own standards of excellence make this French-made weapon an exceptional tool for the experienced and inexperienced user.


    Discover the standard Ultima Ratio also available for you


    Manually operated, bolt action, high-strength steel bolt with 3 forward located lugs


    Bolt receiver with overpressure vent and aircraft grade alloy girder-chassis


    Black matt finish


    Barrel quick-change device


    Match grade fully-floated barrel


    Two-stage trigger, pull weight adjustable in factory: 1 to 1.5 kg), trigger safety catch


    Detachable steel magazine, 10 rounds, double row


    Fixed or folding adjustable-length stock


    Height-adjustable cheek rest


    Folding adjustable butt spike


    Forward-folding bipod with adjustable tilting brake


    Sling fixing points


    Picatinny rail options : 20 MOA / 30 MOA / 50 MOA / 54 MOA / 1°

    Barrel / Caliber

    Available Barrels Contour 
      6 xc 6 nomra br 6.5×47 lapua 6.5 creedmoor 6.5 – 284 260 rem 7.08 rem 284 win 300 sav  308 win  
    Commando 1             X     X Fluted, light
    Commando 2                    X Fluted, light
    Intervention  x   X X   X X   X X Heat disperser
    custom 71 cm   X X   X X   X     Cylindrical
    Subsonique                    X Covered



    Overall lenght / 



    Weight Muzzle brake Supressor

    110 cm / 87 cm

    43.3″ / 34,3″

    60 cm 


    7.4 kg 

    16.3 lb

    Included Option
    Commando 1

    105 cm / 82 cm

    41.3″ / 32.3″

    55 cm 


    6.3 kg 

    13.9 lb

    Included Option
    Commando 2

    98 cm / 75 cm

    38.6″ / 29.6″

    47 cm 


    6.1 kg 

    13.4 lb

    Included Option

    117 cm / 94 cm

    46″ / 37″

    41 cm 


    7.1 kg 

    15.7 lb

    Not included Included
    Custom 71

     121 cm / 98 cm

    46.3″ / 38.5″

    71 cm 


    7.5 kg

    16.5 lb