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    Mini Hécate 2

    New-generation high-precision long-range rifle

    PGM Précision

    Mini Hécate 2: 

    A long-range, high-precision rifle for snipers, the PGM Mini Hécate 2 is designed to handle intermediate targets between 308 W and 50 calibre.

    A rifle for long range shooting:

    Depending on the required ballistic performance, and the mission to be accomplished, different calibers and barrel profiles are available.

    Originally chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum caliber, this rifle is also perfectly adapted to shoot the most common or most powerful magnum calibers, 300 PRC, 300 Norma Magnum, etc.

    A rifle for professionals:

    30 years of know-how in the manufacture of high precision rifles concentrated in a light and robust rifle, thanks to high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing methods.

    Based on the experience of the last conflicts, the PGM Mini Hecate 2 is designed from the beginning for military use.

    The innovative design of the frame and its modularity offer the shooter various ergonomic and functional options:
    Two-point positionable bipod, bolt side folding stock for a reduced encumbrance, removable rear monopod, rails for accessories, etc.

    Mini Hecate 2 and PGM quality:

    With outstanding ergonomics, comfort, strength and versatility, this 338 LM rifle is manufactured without compromising on quality.

    Thanks to its expertise, PGM offers tactical accessories adapted to precision shooting and long distance shooting. Selected for their superior quality, they will complement your Mini Hecate 2 rifle to meet your operational needs.


    Manually operated, bolt action, high-strength steel bolt with 3 forward located lugs


    Aircraft grade alloy girder-chassis and tempered steel receiver


    Black matt finish


    Match grade fully-floated barrel


    Reverse-flow muzzle brake ; reduces recoil by 50%


    Two-stage trigger, pull weight adjustable in factory: 1 to 1.5 kg), trigger safety catch


    Safety : blocks the firing pin and locks the bolt in the closed position


    Detachable steel magazine, 5 rounds, single row


    Folding adjustable-length stock, integrated release bolt tool


    Height-adjustable cheek rest, integrated hexagon spanner for butt adjustments


    Height-adjustable butt pad


    Adjustable butt spike, folding and removable


    UIT accessories rail


    Sling fixing points


    Picatinny rail options : 20 MOA / 30 MOA / 50 MOA / 54 MOA / 1°


    Detachable bipod :

      • 2 mounting positions on the weapon


    Height and axial brake adjustable

    forwards and rearwards folding

    Barrel / Caliber

      Longueur Totale/Pliée Canon  Poids  300 NM  300 PRC 338 NM 338 LM 375 SwissP Profil
    Commando 60 

    115 cm

    90 cm


    60 cm


    6.7 kg 



    ✔ (8″)

      ✔ (10″)  

    Flûté, léger

    Commando 69

    124 cm

    99 cm 


    69 cm 


    6.9 kg


    ✔ (8″)   ✔ (10″) ✔ (10″)  

    Flûté, léger

    Commando 76 

    131 cm

    106 cm


    76 cm


    8.1 kg


            ✔ (12″)

    Flûté, lourd




    PGM anti-signature


    Ergonomic wooden handle


    PGM scope mountings


    Day vision and night shooting systems


    Shooting bag / mat


    Adapted transport case


    Transport strap 


    • Removable bipod:

      Adjustable height and tilt brake
      Foldable to the front and back

    Tripod socket F-Class


    Arca rail 


    Accessories compatible with this range

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