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    Ultima Ratio

    High precision rifle: Legacy & Excellence

    PGM Précision

    PGM Ultima Ratio:

    Designed for trained marksmen, the PGM Ultima Ratio is a very high accuracy rifle capable of handling targets up to 1,000 metres. Initially designed in 308 W calibre, this weapon has since been declined in many calibres.

    Ultima Ratio concept & Excellence:

    Successor of the first Ultima Ratio invented in 1991, this new rifle takes up its founding principles to which it brings the latest technological innovations that proved their worth on the Mini-Hecate II.

    DNA of the Ultima Ratio concept, the barrel can be changed in only 30 seconds with a simple hexagon spanner.

    The concentration of innovations in this weapon allows it to reach excellence and make it the ideal tool for any tactical need.

    Exceptional ergonomics.

    With a bolt-side folding stock , a removable butt spike, a two-point positionable bipod and a UIT accessories rail, the modularity of this new rifle is exceptional and offers the shooter outstanding ergonomics as well as maximum comfort of use.

    Made in France manufacturing quality

    This new Ultima Ratio is the result of more than 31 years of know-how and expertise in the manufacture of very high precision rifles. Lightweight and robust, this weapon is made of high quality materials, thanks to the latest manufacturing methods.

    Used by the French Armed Forces:

    This product has been labelled “as used by french armed forces”, which certifies its official use by France.


    Manually operated, bolt action, high-strength steel bolt with 3 forward located lugs


    Bolt receiver with overpressure vent and aircraft grade alloy girder-chassis


    Black matt finish


    Barrel quick-change device


    Match grade fully-floated barrel


    Two-stage trigger, pull weight adjustable in factory: 0.7 to 1.5 kg), trigger safety catch


    Detachable steel magazine, 10 rounds, double row


    Bolt side folding stock with adjustable length


    Height-adjustable cheek rest and butt pad


    removable, folding and adjustable butt spike


    two-point positionable bipod, foldable forwards or backwards with adjustable tilting brake


    Sling fixing points


    Picatinny rail options : 20 MOA / 30 MOA / 50 MOA / 54 MOA / 1°

    Barrel / Caliber

    Calibers :

    Available Barrels

    (other profile ou caliber, Ask us)

    Intervention 1 cyl., heatsink / 60 cm

    Intervention 2 cyl., heatsink /51 cm

    Commando 1
    fluted, light / 55 cm
    Commando 2
    fluted, light / 47 cm

    integral suppressor / 41 cm

    cyl., heavy / 71 cm

    308 Win.


    300 Sav.


    284 Win.


    7.08 Rem.


    260 Rem.


    6.5-284 Norma


    6.5 Creedmoor


    6.5×47 Lap.


    6 XC


    6 Norma BR




    Overall lenght / Folded

    Barrel Weight Muzzle brake Suppressor
    Intervention 1

    14 cm / 89 cm 44.9’’ / 35’’

    60 cm 



    7.6 kg

    16.7 lb


    Included Option 
    Intervention 2

    105 cm / 80 cm 41.3’’ / 31.5’’

    51 cm



    7.1 kg

    15.6 lb


    Commando 1

    109 cm / 84 cm 42.9’’ / 33’’

    55 cm



    6.5 kg

    14.3 lb


    Commando 2

    101 cm / 76 cm 39.7’’ / 29.9’

    47 cm



    6.3 kg

    13.9 lb



    19 cm / 94 cm
    46.8’’ / 37’’

    41 cm 



    7.2 kg
    15.9 lb


    Not available Included
    Custom Depending on the size and profile. Please contact us for further details.

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