: NET-ARM - KE 028

THE cleaning rod of the Net-Arm system in a 100 cm version, for all the PGM rifles.

The "NETARM" is an innovative concept resulting from 3 research years in narrow collaboration with the French Ministry of the Defence. The most effective system for regular cleaning after each shooting session.

  • Simple of use and economic
  • Cleans the barrel thoroughly, land and groove
  • Without metallic part, do not erode the barrel
  • High tensile strength, resistance to oils and solvents
  • Blockage reduces
  • Stockable 10 years without impairment
  • Developed for lubrication and reduction of the barrel
  • Universal cleaning rod for all the calibres.

Tested and approved by PGM: This is the system we use everyday for more than 10 years.

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