The QMS-30S silencers are 100% PGM Precision products. Specially adapted to PGM rifles they are built to achieve ultimate performance.

Short version of the QMS-30 silencer. 5 cm shorter and 115 g lighter than its big brother, with identical accuracy and performance! Ideal for use in restricted space. (Special Forces, etc.)

Through direct mounting on the muzzle brake, these silencers allow in a few seconds to move from a "muzzle brake" configuration to a "silent" configuration. Easily and without tools !

Specially designed for .243 to .30 caliber. They are available for the Ultima Ratio and Ludis rifle, both Commando and Intervention barrels.

With a compact design, VERY robust, they are also very accurate and very comfortable.

100% made in France

Caliber .243 to .30
Sound reduction +/- 30dB (with supersonic ammunitions)
Weight 635 g
Dimensions L 191 x Ø 45 mm
Material Aircraft grade alloy and high-strength stainless steel
External finish black mate
Maintenance Fully demountable, thread protector included
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