Hécate 2


long-range anti-material rifle

The 50 BMG caliber Hécate 2 is a long range antimaterial rifle. Intended for the rained marksman, this weapon is designed to shoot target at more than 1800 m. The precision and repeatability of this system ensure that the target is hit on the first attempt, while the power of the caliber ensures maximum effectiveness in anti-material targets.

The Hécate 2 was designed from the very beginning for military use. In addition to great precision, it boasts exceptional reliability (barrel lifetime of 12 000 shots). Its ergonomic design is remarkable thanks to the fact that it is shorter and has less recoil than its competitors.

Comfortable, robust and versatile, the Hécate 2, French made, is the best rifle of this caliber currently available on the market.

Barrels / Calibers
Manually operated, bolt action, high-strength steel bolt with 3 forward located lugs
Aircraft grade alloy girder-chassis and tempered steel receiver
Black matt finish
Match grade fully-floated barrel
Reverse-flow muzzle brake ; reduces recoil by 50%
Two-stage trigger, pull weight adjustable in factory: 1 to 1.5 kg), trigger safety catch
Detachable steel magazine, 7 rounds, double row
Removable adjustable-length stock
Height-adjustable cheek rest
Adjustable butt spike (removable or folding)
Hinged bipod with adjustable tilting brake
Carriyng handle
Sling fixing points
Picatinny rail options : 0° / 20 MOA / 30 MOA / 50 MOA / 1°
Fully floated, match grade, threaded deep into the receiver
Chromium plated bore, stellite insert
Phosphate-coated matt finish
Length 700 mm, tapered profile
12.7x99 mm NATO calibre (50 BMG)
8 right-hand grooves with 15” twist rate
Included removable muzzle brake
Optional sound-suppressor kit
Totale length
Stock removed
Length / Contour
WeightMuzzle brakeSilencer
140 cm / 112 cm
55.1" / 44.1"
70 cm / 27.6"
15.8 kg / 34.8 lb Included Optional
PGM sound-suppressor
Ergonomic wooden grip
Wooden version
Kit comprising long Picatinny rail and side Picatinny rails
PGM scope mount
Daylight scopes and night vision systems
Support frame drag bag, coming soon
Transport case with formed foam
Carrying sling

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